BBC Red Button

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Worked in the Connected Red Button team at the BBC – a very agile team that encourages practices such as pair programming, code reviews, TDD, and BDD.

The Connected Red Button is a service from the BBC that brings TV, online and BBC iPlayer together in the simplest way possible on the living room TV. It offers a world of additional programmes and features without having to leave the current programme.

During the CRB Coexistence project, I was influential in the delivery of the feature across multiple platforms, from the initial design to helping the QA team. It was a great challenge due the time constraints and the involved changes of many different components. I participated in the development, design and planning of every single task related to this work. I created two MHEG tools that helped test and provided validation for broadcast changes, and it still used to verify persistent storage on broadcast devices. During rollouts, I improved the monitoring tools, and the system alerts to provide quicker / better feedback. 

Key Technologies used: Java, Javascript, Mheg, OpenTV, Php, Ruby, Cucumber, Spring, Phyton, SQL, XSLT and various Broadcast technologies.

Project Details
  • Project name: Connected Red Button
  • Site:
  • Category: Professional Projects
  • Period: Oct 2014 - Jul 2015
  • Role: Senior Software Engineer 
Java Javascript Ruby Cucumber Spring Python AWS